The Salvation Army U.S Charity Organization

The Salvation Army Charity HISTORY : In 1865 The Salvation Army was founded by William Booth and his wife Catherine in London .The ... thumbnail 1 summary

The Salvation Army Charity
In 1865 The Salvation Army was founded by William Booth and his wife Catherine in London .The Salvation Army is a Christian religional church as well as a universal charitable association .7,546 centers of the Salvation army are working all over the United States. the Salvation Army is very popular for its generosity work in more than 125 countries.There are 15,765 Salvation Army centers(churches) where people meet to worship and designs the infostructure of different projects and discuss the problems whom their community is facing.

 Domestic Needs
Region served
 United States
 David Jaffrey
Official Website
Fiscal Year End
 Sep 30
Total Revenues:
 $4,111 M
Government Support
   $344 M 
Private Donations
  $2,116 M
Other Income
  $1,651 M
Total Expenses:
  $3,472 M
Charitable Services
  $2,846 M
Management & General
   $408 M
  $218 M
Net Assets
  $11,160 M
 Alexandria, Virginia

The Salvation Army Charity Goals:
The Salvation Army, a worldwide development, is a impassioned part of the universal Christian Church. Its message depends on the Bible. Its ministry is inspired by the love of God. Its main objective is to help the needy people for sake of Jesus Christ and to find human issues and solve their problems without any separation. They are attempting to fulfill requirements of needy from your donations.
How to donate Salvation Army Charity:
If you want to donate to Salvation Army charity Organization you can donate them by many methods:
For example:You can mail a check and also donate by Credit cards.You can give gifts for their pleasures.Generally the people have no appropriate clothes to wear especially in winter season they face many problems so you can donate seasonal clothes.You can help them also by providing furnitures and different household goods.
You can  also check the other donation methods by visiting the contact Details given below:

Official Website
The Salvation Army National Headquarters, 615 Slaters Lane, P.O. Box 269, Alexandria
VA 22313 
Email us at:
Tel:   (1-800-728-7825)

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