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United Way Charity HISTORY : The United Way of America (UWA) is one of the oldest charities in the United States. In 1887 spi... thumbnail 1 summary

United Way Charity

The United Way of America (UWA) is one of the oldest charities in the United States. In 1887 spiritual leaders supported the Charity Organizations Society, the first United way that planned and facilitated native services and conducted one fundraising campaign for twenty two agencies.The United Way charity organization started in 1913 in Cleveland.United Way of America situated in Alexandria, Virginia, is a patriotic association that works with just about 1,300 neighborhood United Way workplaces all through the nation in a coalition of charitable institutions to pool struggles in fundraising and support.

 Domestic Needs
Region served
 United States
 Brian Gallagher
Official Website
Fiscal Year End
 Dec 31
Total Revenues:
 $4,143 M
Government Support
   $257 M 
Private Donations
  $3,873 M
Other Income
  $12 M
Total Expenses:
  $4,143 M
Charitable Services
  $3,571 M
Management & General
   $240 M
  $331 M
Donor Dependency
 Alexandria, Virginia

United Way charity Goals:
As we all know that the United way charity is one of the oldest charity in United States.It is providing the assistance in more than 45 countries all over the world.
To tackle, advantage and deliberately contribute the aggregate force of benefactors, supporters and volunteers, to drive quantifiable results that enhance the lives of individuals in our region.
Goals About Education:
Initiating the academic goals in children, youth and adults by:
  • Introducing nursery schools ready to succeed.
  • Upgrading the schools with a series of effective plans.
  • Making them able to attain jobs and creating the skills to face the hurdles of life.
Goals About Earnings:
Helping hard working families to move forward by:

  • Creating the sources and managing  the numerous fields of beneficial and well settled employments.
  • Increasing the sources of income.
  • Preserving their savings and assets.

Goals About Essentials:
Upgrading the individuals and families to meet basic rights with the help of:

  • Providing appropriate food.
  • Comfortable place to spend the life.
  • Opening and upgrading the health care departments in needy areas.
  • Making them able to face and managing the after effects of the crisis.
How to donate United Way Charity:
If you want to donate to United Way charity Organization you can donate them by many methods:
For example:You can mail a check and also donate by Master cards , American express , Discover and Visa.
You can  also check the other donation methods by visiting the contact Details given below:

Official Website
United Way Worldwide 701 N. Fairfax Street Alexandria , VA 22314
Tel:   #(703) 836-7112

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