Each year Kids Wish Network collects millions of dollars in the name of charity and donations on behalf of dying children and their fami... thumbnail 1 summary
Each year Kids Wish Network collects millions of dollars in the name of charity and donations on behalf of dying children and their families. Each year, it wastes out nearly every penny.

Most of the money is diverted to enrich the operators of the charity and for-profit enterprises, that are hired by Kids Wish to increase donations. Sick children get less than 3 cents of every dollar collected. This was the formula from 16 years, since the Kids Wish imitated the respected Make-A-Wish Foundation . As a result it launched its own network for raising more money. In the last decade alone, the Kids Wish Network Charity was donated nearly $ 110 million for sick children in its company fundraisers. According to a review of Times CIR , this makes it "the worst charity" in the nation who led the most money with professional soliciting firms over time.

In addition to the money that was paid to fundraisers, Kids Wish paid its founder and company members at least $ 4.8 million. All this money was paid in salaries and expenses over the years.

When the founder Mark Breiner was still president of Kids Wish, he was earning more than $ 130,000 a year. And as a partner he also joined former employee in a fundraising company called Dream Giveaway.

In the years of 2008 and 2009, Kids Wish paid nearly $ 1.7 million to Dream Giveaway. The money was given in consulting fees to run the automobiles of giveaways that raised money for charity.

Even after his retirement from Kids Wish Network in mid-2010, Breiner continued to make money . He left his mother in law on the board of the charity. In 2010 and 2011, the charity paid 2.1 million to two of  companies for consulting, licensing and brokerage fees.


Kids Wish , by waiting for almost four years to release the money it paid to Breiner , violated the IRS rules . The reason of delaying was blamed on its accountants by the charity.

Breiner continued to refuse to answer the questions about his consulting and fundraising firms. For a car giveaway in 2012, he received an additional amount of $ 1.26 million by Kids Wish.

But he said in an email that recently the charity completed an IRS audit. According to him the audit included a review about the contracts with his owned companies.

Breiner further said : "They found not any single indication of conflicts related to interest with the founders or the board of council,"

The Kids Wish website is filled with number of testimonials from grateful families for their wishes. It also includes magical moments with the likes of pop star Rihanna and also President Barack Obama. About 800 children get their wishes come true each year. But charity spends most of the money on donated items (coloring books , toys etc)- and distributing them throughout the country.

Melissa Schwartz Review About KIDS WISH NETWORK CHARITY

Recently Kids Wish Network hired Melissa Schwartz. Melissa Schwartz is an expert in crisis management in New York and she also worked for the federal government after the 2010 BP oil spill .

Schwartz said the agency hired outside companies for fundraising so that the company's own staff can focus on granting wishes. According to its filing of IRS , Kids Wish Network has 51 employees.

Schwartz also said that all contributions that are given to the organization through its website are used 100 percent to granting wishes.

She refused to answer detailed questions about the fundraising operations of Kids Wish or payments to its founder, saying the charity "focuses on the future."

Regarding the Times ranking that Kids Wish is the worse charity of the nation, Schwartz spoke : "There are more than 100,000 children and their families who are helped by Kids Wish Network and they got a positive difference in their lives. They would certainly refute any negative characterization related to the success and importance of the efforts of our organization. "

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